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June 2019 - Taking Photographs of The Milky Way

June 2019 - Taking Photographs of The Milky Way

June 15, 2019

Hi, I'm Gerard Anderson from Spruka Photography. Welcome to my first blog, this blog I will go through the steps to capture the Milky Way.

First of all lets run-through of the following checklist.


  • Digital SLR camera.
  • Good steady tripod.
  • Wide-angle lens or the lowest focal length as possible (i.e. 18mm).
  • Remote button or 3-second delay on camera.


  • After Astronomical Twilight, which is approximately 2 or more hours after sunset.


  • As far away from town and city lights as possible.

Camera Settings

  • An aperture of Wide Open, the lowest possible i.e. f/2.8.
  • ISO for DX camera 1600 or FX camera 3200.
  • Focal length - lower the better (i.e.11mm for DX lens or 15mm for FX Lens)
  • Shutter speed - DX 25 - 30 seconds, FX 15-20 seconds.
  • White Balance - Sunny
  • Take in Manual Settings.


  • This is the tricky part, but it is best to focus on something far away before it gets dark in manual mode. Then put the blue tack on the focus ring to keep focused until it is time.

Feedback Notes

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Stay tuned for more blogs, which will come out on a monthly basis.

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Future Blogs

 Blogs will be released on the 15th of every month.


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